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You have come to the right place! Selling your home is an exciting endeavour but it requires  a lot of careful planning and strategic execution. I understand what steps are needed to not only get your home sold fast but with the right terms and price. At Coldwell Banker we offer not just national, but global reach on our listings. We provide top of the line marketing, photography, videography, personalized property website’s, and extensive online advertising. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to selling your property!

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House sold very quickly, Cassandra was thorough, professional, and made the process enjoyable while we contemplated our next home, which she helped us buy as well!  Overall a great experience and we will use her for years to come.

– Tom Seal (seller)

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Prepare your home to sell

Enhance curb appeal, fix minor repairs, and declutter to make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Pricing right

I will then conduct a market analysis using comparable properties, consideration of market conditions, and any renovations to your property.  Then we will set a competitive yet realistic list price for your home. 


Once we have decided on a list price for your home we begin the marketing. This includes a coming soon advertisement, a personalized property website, an MLS listing, high end photography and videography, 3D home tour, and additional advertising to not only locals but national and global reach!

Negotiating offers

After buyers have seen the home and are ready to write an offer we begin negotiating. Offers are not just about price, there are many other considerations such as dates, conditions, inspections and more.  Some offers may be accepted right away, others may need time to let negotiations play out.

Closing the Deal

Once all parties have mutually come together with an accepted offer and conditions have been removed, it's time for the final steps. You will then send your contract to your lawyer, organize any moving/cleaning, changing mailing address etc. and get ready for your next chapter!

Getting Started…

The pre-approval process from start to finish

Wondering how the pre-approval process works? This will give you a detailed, step by step guide on how to get started and get you a big step closer to buying your home!

Set Up a No Obligation
property Search

Start your property search here! Type in key details such as property type, budgets, ideal bedroom and bathroom count, which neighbourhood you would prefer and contact details. If you would like a more thorough search with more details or neighbourhoods please email or call me to set up a consultation, as well as if you would like to know what your homes value is in today’s market.

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About Selling Real Estate in Greater Victoria?

There are a multitude of factors that decipher a homes market value. I conduct a Comparative Market Analysis on recently listed or sold homes in your area with similar attributes, then I calculate an average square foot price for your neighbourhood. Additionally I take into consideration any updates or renovations done, location of your home and the current market conditions. I will always give three options of pricing: optimistic, realistic, and pessimistic. There are pro’s and con’s to pricing a certain way based on your needs and motivation. An in depth meeting going over these numbers is always part of the pricing process. 

There are pro’s and con’s to listing before buying and buying before listings…lets dive into it.


Listing your home before finding a new one allows you to have a clearer  budget for buying your next home, ensures you are not stressing about selling within a certain time period before your new homes closing, and gives you a feel for how the market is. On the other hand the con’s are what if you don’t find a place you like before your closing date, you are stuck either renting or purchasing a home you may not be totally happy with.


Purchasing your new home before listing can be a great option if you have found your dream home and you don’t think you will find similar in the near future. It also eliminates the stress of having to find something by a certain deadline. On the other hand you risk not selling your home in time for the closings to match up, and you also don’t know what your home will sell for. If you purchase a home based on optimistic sale price you may risk not being able to financially close on the home and could get sued. Many clients choose to put in offers subject to the sale of their homes as well which makes things a little smoother as well.

There are many ways to transition homes seamlessly,  I am here to help you choose the right option for you!

This will depend on each unique situation but the average would be 1-3 months. If you were buying a pre-sale it could be upwards of a year. If you were buying commercial it may have a longer closing as well. At the end of the day it comes down to what works best for each party.

Staging is proven to get you more money for your home in most instances, but a simple declutter and addition of a couple items may be all your home needs. I assess each home during the walkthrough to determine what I think your home would benefit from. Full on staging can run upwards of ten thousand dollars and may just not be feasible to most sellers, especially if they are on a tight timeline. Usually a good declutter, addition of some flowers & decorative items can make a world of difference, and I include in my services at no extra cost to you!

This is a very common misconception that sellers have when choosing a price to list their home. Although it may seem like a good idea, this actually causes more harm than good. Your property will get sent to less prospective buyers when over-priced, as well as scare some away who don’t want to low ball. The initial interest is  very important for creating a sense of urgency for prospective buyers as well. Overpricing and having a stale listing makes buyers think they have way more negotiation power as your home has been stuck on the market for longer than it should, therefore potentially getting your less than if you had just priced it more aggressively. I know it seems counteractive to price aggressively but it really does you more good in the end!

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